Mold remediation

If your property has gotten wet and not been dried out properly, you are almost guaranteed a bad mold infestation. Mold requires moisture to grow, so the first step in safely removing mold is determining the source of the moisture and taking steps to prevent it from returning. If the source of the moisture is not removed, the mold will come right back. At the same time, the full extent of the mold infestation must be determined before work begins, so that everyone can be sure no mold was left behind to continue contaminating the building.

The next step is isolating and containing the work area. When the mold is disturbed, it will start releasing massive amounts of spores. If the workspace has not been properly isolated, these will spread throughout the building, damaging the health of anyone who breathes them and giving the mold a chance to spread. Only once the mold is effectively quarantined will we begin the sterilization, removal, and disposal of infected materials, ensuring that your mold problem does not return.

It’s very important to have professionals handle any mold infestations. If you are suffering from a mold infestation in the Calhoun area, call Catastrophic Restoration Team today.